April 2022

Alexis Bittar | Episode 100

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Award Winning Jewelry Designer Alexis Bittar

We’re marking our 100th episode with award-winning jewelry designer Alexis Bittar, whose incredible and inspiring story flies fabulously in the face of old-school fashion standards. A favorite of everyone from celebrities to fashion editors and many, many in between, it’s fitting that our milestone launch pairs with Bittar, whose career and collection longevity are undeniable. During the episode, the Brooklyn-bred, forward-thinking, storytelling artist talks about being a mere child when he became an entrepreneur and street vendor on the streets of New York City. We talk about his early journey to sobriety, and how his intellectual, history-professor parents influence his lifestyle today and his approach to design. We talk about New York culture through the decades including the club scene, where Alexis was early-influenced. We talk about being self-taught, ethics in business, fiercely foregoing unspoken fashion industry rules and norms, and what was scary about selling off his name and namesake brand. We ask the question we’d been dying to ask him: whether he’d had a look at the line during that time. We of course talk about Alexis’s exciting return to and relaunch of his brand, what he’s brought to his store experience, and what he’s added to his collection: handbags. We dive into a discussion about legendary stores like Artwear and Takashimaya, and Bergdorf, Dawn Mello, and the fascinating way in which he was discovered. The jewelry designer who makes his indelible mark discusses when he launched his first ready-to-wear collection, with Burberry, the creative collaborator he’s most impressed by, and the surprisingly simple setting he needs to get to work. Alexis reflects on his five years off, life with kids, how their home is their teacher, and more. A true fashion maker and tastemaker across three epic decades, Alexis Bittar is one of our very favorite artists we've had the pleasure and thrill to work with closely. We wrap with his current favorites, including catching the details of his morning routine, his daily uniform, what he’s watching and where he’s traveling---and his collection.

"Core values come first. Being in fashion, I think my values are different from what's typical. If you want to present like you're really above it, or mean, that can actually benefit you in fashion: it's been proven that it works in this industry. And for me, I have such an aversion to it." - Alexis Bittar

"I'm fortunate enough that at a certain point in my career, I did start to truly trust my gut, and not need to bounce things off of other people. Even though I still do talk to people, I trust my gut on my decisions. And if I make a mistake, I'm like, okay, I made a mistake. My ultimate approach is to trust myself. I think that's been kind of where I've landed at 53." - Alexis Bittar


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