May 2022

Amelie Zilber + Blake Gray | Episode 102

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On episode 102 of the podcast, we sit down with two super star Gen Z digital creators and TikTokers, Amelie Zilber and Blake Gray----who also happen to be a couple. Each blew up on the platform during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when, well, content truly was King. Recently appearing together in Ralph Lauren’s Romance fragrance campaign, the opposites-attract pair are poised for big things. Known for creating content around current events and “making the news more palatable”, Amelie talks about her longtime interest in politics, now her passion, one that innocently stemmed from competing with her brother during family dinner table talk. Blake’s candid and lighthearted approach to posting and his fun-loving attitude have not only brought him millions of devoted followers, it's prompted him to take the plunge into acting, and on the podcast Blake gets real about becoming vulnerable for his new pursuit. It’s a fascinating discussion about the current climate in social media with two of its key players. We talk loving fans and toxic followers, what they appreciate about one another as content creators, the social media content that never fails to catch each’s eyes, why TikTok is the most popular platform right now, and the ways in which their creativity can be stifled, or whether they always feel completely free. We discuss when it’s time to detox from social media, if it’s even possible, and the kind of fame they’ve achieved: in three words. Amelie shares her feelings on being targeted for being both smart and beautiful, and Blake talks authenticity. We discuss the inherent comparison effect and the fine line of being authentic and being planned when posting on platforms. We get into fashion and fashion shows, Blake and Amelie’s many brand collaborations, and we get specific about what these iconic and established companies both want and appreciate about them. We wrap with an answer to the big question: what Gen Z loves the most in pop culture and what Gen Z is striving for in life, but not before we get the story behind their first date, how they met, Amelie’s obsessions with chocolate chip cookies, Dior, and more.

"When I'm in a situation where I have the opportunity to hear someone else voice their opinions on a particular subject, I always take that opportunity to sit, and listen, and learn. Even if I don't agree with it, it's important for me to have that eye-opening perspective." - Amelie Zilber

"It's those uncomfortable situations that make you a better person, as much as you would want to stay away from being uncomfortable. I mean, it really does help you become a better actor. It's just being put in those uncomfortable situations, which is crazy, to be honest, because nobody likes to feel uncomfortable." - Blake Gray