November 2017

Art Gallery | Sonal Nathwani

Flowers Are A Source Of Inspiration For This Malawi-Born Artist

Sonal Nathwani was born in Malawi, raised by Indian parents in England and now lives in Vienna, Austria. This exposure to various cultures inevitably informs her work and reflects a mix of asian and european influences and sensibilities.

Sonal's love of painting was rekindled by an opportunity to study at the renowned Charles H. Cecil studios in Florence, Italy. Following the birth of her younger son, Sonal decided to leave a career in finance to pursue her passion for painting. She now spends her studio time painting, drawing and designing surface patterns for various markets.

"My paintings embrace color and pattern and very often, flowers. Wildlife and people sometimes fall into the mix too. Inspiration comes primarily from nature, but also from whatever catches my eye; be it the form of an object, natural or man-made, the rhythm of a line, the play of light and shadow, a face, an image or simply a color. This is the beginning of each painting, whether figurative or abstract.For me it’s all about doing what I love doing, showing other people what I see and making their space a little bit more beautiful."