October 2019

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor | Episode 13

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Voice And Value. Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor is a modern woman who refuses to be defined. Model, designer, DJ, podcast host, advocate: Atlanta brings her keen eye, and ear, and unique perspective to it all. We’re really into her podcast, I’m Over It, a platform where Atlanta speaks openly to millennial women, discussing the issues that connect them, and that matter most. She is, of course, also the daughter of Duran Duran bassist John Taylor and photographer, Girlgaze Founder, host of the Conversation series and podcast, Amanda DeCadenet. Although in her twenties, Atlanta has lived a LIFE. She has a lot to say and more big things to do, and is just getting started. On this podcast we’re talking about slut shaming, privilege shaming, body shaming, substance abuse, mental health, and how it feels to be assaulted. And with that, we also get into the details of her great taste and style. We talk sunglasses, designing, vacation spots, how she spends her weekends, relationships, self care, and more. We also got the scoop on some of her dad’s priceless words of wisdom to her: “you’ve got to spend money to make money".

"I just had someone from Stanford reach out to me. They're having a huge conference for high school girls and mental health, and the girl putting it on was like, 'I'm such a fan if I'm Over It, I'd love to spread the awareness of this as a tool for girls dealing with mental health. Can you send us some info?'  I almost cried when I got the email cause it was like wow, this is actually really helping people." - Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

"Being in New York, I'm seeing so many different kinds of people and I get inspired by the people around me." - Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor