August 2020

Evolution 18

Supplements For Gorgeous Skin And Hair, Strong Bones, A Healthy Glow And Overall Wellness By Beauty Titan Bobbi Brown

Evolution 18 is a beyond-comprehensive line of supplements for beauty and wellness designed to support an everyday lifestyle, based on a core philosophy: "the better you take care of yourself on the inside, the better you will look on the outside". The woman behind the brand and the statement is none other than Bobbi Brown, beauty-industry titan, world famous makeup artist, bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. The collection of products is a testament to Bobbi's commitment to living a holistic lifestyle. Some may not realize, adding to her list of accomplishments, Brown is in fact a certified health coach with the reputable Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Because of her multifaceted career that spans over twenty five years, Bobbi has spent a great deal of time talking to women---from all walks of life--- about their health and wellness challenges. Bobbi's done the legwork...and then some, to bring to market a line of products that are top-quality-meticulous, and that address some very specific needs we can appreciate. "I approached creating the line the same way I did my makeup line; I didn't sit there and look at trends or go with what the lab suggested, instead I started thinking of what was missing", says Brown. Some Story + Rain  favorites? A tea that tastes as great and it does the job of debloating, a tablet to simply mix with water that actually combats skin flaking and dryness, and a superfood powder filled with a powerful mix of collagen peptides, coconut oil, avocado and flaxseed oils, prebiotic fibers, acai, blueberry, kale, and broccoli. And there are more killer products on deck from the brand that we're excited to try. We can't think of anyone we'd trust more to give us the best products to both conquer and help maintain beauty and health from within.  With 12 products below to choose from, find the the right combo to fit your needs and lifestyle, and join us in being Evolution-obsessed!

One of our favorites (and Bobbi's too), Beauty Tea Debloat is packed with antioxidants green tea, matcha, ginseng, and ashwaganda, pantothenic acid that helps convert food into energy, a unique blend of hydrangea root, dandelion, and juniper to flush fluids from the body, apple cider vinegar to aid in digestion, and more.

We can't get enough of Beauty Bubbles Hydration. Vitamin B12, antioxidants green tea, pomegranate, acai, blueberry and a hydration blend of hyaluronic acid, coconut water, and prickly pear combine to "lock in moisture and provide cellular protection to skin". Hyaluronic acid also aids in keeping joints lubricated.

Relaxing vanilla
Evolution_18 $26.00 DETAILS
Energizing chocolate
Evolution_18 $30.00 DETAILS
Beauty bubbles collagen
Evolution_18 $18.00 DETAILS
Beauty bubbles hydration
Evolution_18 $22.00 DETAILS
Beauty collagen powder
Evolution_18 $24.00 DETAILS
Beauty glow capsules
Evolution_18 $13.00 DETAILS
Beauty grow capsules
Evolution_18 $13.00 DETAILS
Beauty gummy
Evolution_18 $13.00 DETAILS
Beauty probiotic
Evolution_18 $18.00 DETAILS
Beauty superfood
Evolution_18 $27.19 DETAILS
Beauty debloat tea
Evolution_18 $18.00 DETAILS
Chill gummy
Evolution_18 $50.00 DETAILS

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