May 2021

Wander Beauty

Simplified Skin and Beauty Essentials Filled with Clean, Globally Sourced Ingredients

How much do we love everything about Wander Beauty? Let us count the ways! And we're in good company: Wander has won thirty-plus beauty awards within five years. We trust everything about the Wander Beauty's female co-founders, who use the brand as a platform for celebrating women. Entrepreneur Divya Gugnani (listen to our podcast with Divya HERE) and model Lindsay Ellington are two industry insiders who bring years of serious savvy to this collection of skincare and makeup essentials made simple---and 100 percent clean. Divya's dedication to using clean, globally sourced ingredients based on her own autoimmune issues means that every item in the line is and will be thoughtfully formulated, and include ingredients that are cherry-picked to that end. What more could you ask for? There's this: individual items in the line are attractively priced, and range from $5 to $48, with one speciality serum at $68---- a total steal for product produced under strict clean beauty standards. And since you're a Story + Rain follower, we've secured an even bigger discount for you that you can enjoy all summer long.

Use code STORYANDRAIN20, valid for 20% off through 8.31.2021.

Wander beauty mist connection essence and toner
Wander Beauty $40.00 DETAILS
Wander beauty dive in moisturizer
Wander Beauty $36.00 DETAILS
Wander beauty drift away cleanser
Wander Beauty $32.00 DETAILS
Wander beauty sight c er vitamin c concentrate
Wander Beauty $42.00 DETAILS
Wander beauty staycation hydrating mask
Wander Beauty $38.00 DETAILS
Wander beauty baggage claim gold eye masks
Wander Beauty $5.00 DETAILS
Wander beauty lip oil
Wander Beauty $22.00 DETAILS
All inclusive product
Wander Beauty $28.00 DETAILS
Wander beauty unleashed mascara
Wander Beauty $24.00 DETAILS
Mile high club mascara   divya obsixed
Wander Beauty $26.00 DETAILS
Untitled design  2
Wander Beauty $49.00 DETAILS

Listen to our full conversation with Co-Founder + CEO of Wander Beauty Divya Gugnani on our Story + Rain Talks podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you listen.