June 2020

Bee Shapiro | Episode 41

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Clean Fragrance Founder, Author, + New York Times Beauty Columnist Bee Shapiro

A Writer's Passion. On this podcast we're talking to publishing + media + professional, Bee Shapiro, longtime beauty columnist for the New York Times, author, and fragrance brand founder. Beauty Expert? An understatement! Bee’s been testing and trying products, and tracking the evolution of beauty for over 10 years. An under-represented category in beauty, she founded clean and sustainable fragrance line Ellis Brooklyn 5 years ago when she was looking for a safer option for luxury scents while pregnant with her daughter Ellis and living in… Brooklyn. Bee studied and practiced law and was a blogger in a former life. We discuss her path to columnist, author, and perfume-maker, the obstacles she's encountered as an entrepreneur, her views on fragrance, her favorites from her line, the great story behind its logo, her book Skin Deep--a fascinating compilation of her greatest columns over the years, her own beauty style, her writing process, sources of inspiration, and tastemaker picks.

"If you have a goal in life and you know exactly what you want to do, then good. You go after that. But if you don't know, that's also okay. And you might find out along the way." - Bee Shapiro

"Skincare is pretty serious and I'm very good about cleansing my skin --- doing a peel if I need to do a peel. I'm not one of those people that is crazy aggressive though. I'm not going to peel every night. After all these years of testing products, I really believe in skin intuition." - Bee Shapiro


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