September 2022

Daisy de Villeneuve | Episode 117

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Daisy de Villeneuve, Artist

Our latest is a podcast featuring a very special Story + Rain contributor. London based artist Daisy de Villeneuve creates art for the magazine, namely the colorful and unique portraits of our podcast guests that you see on our podcast channels, on social media, and on Daisy and Tamara have stayed in touch spanning YEARS. After all, they first met when Tamara was working in her first job in fashion and Daisy was in school, arriving at her office for her internship. Tamara remembers the artful nature of Daisy’s penmanship; a clue for what was to come for her. Since that time, Daisy has developed a career as a sought-after artist and illustrator. Known for her very distinct designs, which began at age 3 with a love of felt-tip pens, Daisy has partnered with a long list of only the best brands to showcase her work, including: Top Shop, Zac Posen, Kate Spade, Missoni, Liberty London, Moet + Chandon, Nike, Soho House, Absolut Vodka, Heathrow Airport, and many, many more. On episode 117 Daisy shares her process as an artist and what it’s like delivering very important work, work that has great visibility, to very established brands. Half American and half English, Daisy discusses the influence of travel and a love of ’80’s aesthetics on her work. We head into the 90’s and down memory lane, recalling the details of her time spent in school, in New York, and when the pair worked at Interview Magazine together. On the podcast Daisy talks about her point of view on projects, when she’s felt most creative, including her collection of bold books…both in design and in theme. Daisy shares the routines and practices that help her to do her best work, and what it’s like growing up in and with a family of creatives, including mother, Jan, father, Justin, and sister, Poppy. We talk about what’s inspiring her now; things like seeing art, her colorful kitchen, cooking up food---and Daisy shares a favorite recipe and the book, the autobiographical book, that it comes from. We get into all things style, shopping your closet, her It Girl status, and her own personal aesthetic. We talk intimately about designing textiles for her longtime friend Zac Posen, her recent collaboration with Weleda Skincare, what she’d love to work on next, and more.

"I started drawing when I was three with felt-tip pens and it's funny that I've continued that. What was kind of supposed to be a bit of a joke, has become my career." -Daisy


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