December 2021

Deborah Hanekamp | Episode 89

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The story of healer Deborah Hanekamp is both inspiring and miraculous. Profoundly affected by the experiences of two powerful water rituals in her life---her baptism, and during a moment while studying plant healing---have led her to what she calls her artistic medium, her beautiful and unique healing modality: ritual baths. Another source of inspiration is travel, and it’s part of what's contributed to her richly colorful life. She loves putting herself through intense culture shock and seeing what connects us all. On episode 89, Mama Medicine, as Deborah is called, talks about her treasured time in Thailand and life-altering days in the Amazon. But it’s been her willingness to find the good in difficult experiences that has not only carried her through life but propelled her higher, and towards her life’s work. At age 17 she was working four jobs and found herself living on her own. When she was told she had a tumor in her ovary that would prevent her from having children, she refused to accept it, and embarked upon a deep dive into becoming her own healer. Forever led by the strong sense that she had no option to ever give up, today Deborah helps others see the bigger picture in life through her medicine readings, and is a guiding conduit of healing through her signature ritual baths. On this podcast, we discuss her gorgeous book of the same name, and we talk about how, at age 12, she recalled talking to friends about the auras of color she sees around people and around certain inanimate objects, including the Statue Of Liberty! Mama Medicine’s mission is to encourage and empower people to become their own healers, like she, by seeing their own auras, and creating mindset shifts. You’ll also listen to a discussion on the commonality she’s seeing in people these days; how we’re taking accountability, and looking to go deeper. We touch on the pandemic, and how grief can be a spiritual activator while providing a wider view of the world. We get into the specifics of color aura, and how she sees rainbow color, for example, around her celebrity clients. Deborah shares how she accesses her most creative self, her journal ritual, her love of writing, and her desire for how writing will play a role in her future. We talk charlatans, motherhood, religion, and how her interest in and view of psychedelics and plant medicine (a big topic these days) has changed. A powerful and thoughtful soul, and a beauty from the inside out.

"Spirituality is accessible and obtainable to us all. It's about the love that lives within us, not about what you wear, what you put on, or what words you use." - Deborah Hanekamp

"It's important to find the good from different experiences and no matter how challenging those experiences are, there's usually some kind of lesson in there." - Deborah Hanekamp

Ritual baths be your own healer
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