May 2021

Divya Gugnani | Episode 76

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Co-Founder + CEO Of Wander Beauty Divya Gugnani

From Risk To Reality. Divya Gugnani is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, and we've had a front row seat. Story + Rain founder Tamara Rappa first met her when she’d just created a company called Send The Trend. Over the years we've heard Divya excitedly talk about ideas and concepts like nuggets of gold. With degrees from Cornell and Harvard and a background in investment banking, she's spent the last several years bringing her business perspective to fashion and beauty. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wander Beauty, a collection of clean, multitasking beauty essentials that is absolutely thriving. She is also a founding partner at Concept to Co, where she partners with extraordinary founders to launch new brands and services. These days and at Wander, product development is a palpable passion of hers, and speaks to her exploratory nature. Divya’s creativity lies in the risks she’s willing to explore. As a true visionary, she sees things others don’t see…but then, always taking things a step further, she does things others don’t do. On episode 76 of Story + Rain Talks, you’ll get to know Divya pre-Wander Beauty. We discuss startup strategy, comparison being the enemy of creativity, putting the customer first, sources of inspiration, how to build a team, how she stays informed for her work, Wander’s many milestones, latest products, and more.

“Im an entrepreneur. That is what I live and breathe to do, and I have to literally fight my urge to start new things because I see so much opportunity around me everyday.” - Divya Gugnani

“There is a real problem with Vitamin-C in the market in the US and so we created a truly innovative formulation which is a concentrate. It's a beautiful radiant, pillowy texture that absorbs very easily into the skin.” - Divya Gugnani


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