September 2022

Dr. David Colbert | Episode 118

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“Be careful what you wish for” says our episode 118 guest. Dr. David Colbert’s New York based dermatology practice grew like wildfire within two years. Today, he is in demand on both coasts, and operates a roving clinic in between. This is a doctor who innovated and shattered the mold for what we came to know as the typical medical and cosmetic dermatologist. On the podcast, David explains how he first did so when he rejected the idea that the kind of practice he was to build needed to look a certain way, and be located on Madison Avenue. Explaining that things get really big, really fast in New York if you hit the vibe or the zeitgeist of something…Dr David Colbert did just that. His thoughtful approach to his work, keen connection to his patients and clients, forward-thinking spirit, and artistic authenticity, led him to tap into all the things that people wanted, needed, and then some; becoming one of the most sought after in his field. From the models that need to get ready for the runway, to the actors that are being filmed for the screen, and everyone in between, he has trademarked treatments, products, and a one-of-a-kind touch that has shattered and continues to shatter the industry standard, and he shares stories tied to those moments here. We discuss his famed Triad Facial and the music legend who sparked its development and success; we get into product development, and his delicious Illumino Face Oil. He explains the polarity in client needs and wants that comes with working on both coasts, his aesthetic, both personal and in his work, the innovations he’s interested in, and correcting cosmetic work and the importance of what he describes as “not shopping in a grocery store when you’re hungry”. A longtime proponent of how critical food and nutrition are for supporting the skin, he discusses why he wrote his High School Reunion Diet book, and how lifestyle including stress and drinking water play a bigger part than most people realize. We get into his early life including why Baryshnikov made him pack up his plan for studying ballet at Joffrey, and time spent at Chanel in Paris. We dissect the way he eats and lives, the lessons he’s learned along the way, his biggest learning as an entrepreneur, and being a reluctant businessman and an avid outdoorsman. And then there’s art: David explains how he's artistic in his work, and also his love of art and art-collecting. And then there’s charity: we talk about life-changing time spent in Haiti, and more. Soulful and artistic, low-key and high-end all at once, you’ll hear firsthand about the discreet way, the restrained and refined touch, that he is known for, and what sets apart his New York Dermatology Group from all the rest.

"People who have less stressful jobs or who don't push their lives to the limits usually look pretty good. People who have equanimity, peace from the inside out, even if they weren't born with model good looks, are going to look great, because no stress looks good." -Dr. David


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