April 2020

Elana Kilkenny | Episode 26

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Interior Designer + Intuitive Counselor Elana Kilkenny

Intuitive Design. At the time of this podcast we are amidst the Covid pandemic and all of us are spending much more time at home than we ever have, so we talked to interior designer Elana Kilkenny about how we should be thinking about our homes, and the mindset to adopt. We discuss how Elana uses tabletop décor to elevate meal times, and what kinds of tabletop décor she loves. We go over the details about how she's adapted her apartment to make it more functional, what she's using now more now than ever, and what she's done to make it cozier and more comfortable. We get her recommendations for what people can buy or incorporate into their spaces to make it more appealing and how color, scent, and music play a part. We talk about how Elana uses creativity in her intuitive gift and how she uses it to design living spaces for her clients. We get into all the details about how her intuitive gift works.

"I always thought being a psychic meant that you knew what a friend's husband's name was or I thought it was always very specific or prescribed thing." - Elana Kilkenny