April 2020

Flannery Klette-Kolton | Episode 28

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Elevating The Everyday With Food. An Instagram Live Podcast Recipe Box Banter. Aside from winning Chopped and other international food competitions, perfecting the plates at Sweetgreen, and cooking private dinners, Flannery is Executive Chef at Kin Travel, a sustainable tourism company, and sailing around the world with the Sailing Collective manning the galleys of private sailboats in her swimsuit---which is where we first met her. So Flannery is a master of cooking creatively and making the best of pantry ingredients, using her creativity to make food look absolutely beautiful, and always delicious. In this episode we discuss Flannery’s Poached Eggs Atop Dill Yogurt With Aleppo Butter, a recipe you can find in our Recipe Box on, one that can be creatively deconstructed to create 3 or more dishes. We discuss her favorite cooking techniques, what it's like cooking on a boat vs in a traditional kitchen and winning Chopped, her dinner party tips, recipe ideas, #quarantinecooking, and much much more. This episode also includes about 15 questions from Story + Rain followers.

"One of my favorite things to do is figure out ways to manipulate raw ingredients. I preparing crudos like fish crudos, scallop crudos; I love doing tartars." - Flannery Klette-Kolton