October 2022

Gigi Burris | Episode 119

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Gigi Burris, Milliner + Founder Of Gigi Burris Millinery

In 2009, New York based designer Gigi Burris created a long-needed shift in the hat market when she established Gigi Burris Millinery, both with her fresh designs and her point of view on heritage and her craft, a craft that had its beginnings in 16th Century Europe. Since then, she’s gone on to become a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree, and a CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund finalist. The modern milliner had a longtime affinity for embellishments and for joyful heritage design, and when she put together her graduation collection as a student at Parsons, it was the hats that she paired with each ready-to-wear look that totally turned heads. A thoughtful designer who leads with a kind spirit, on the podcast we discuss Gigi’s biggest learnings, including learning to deal with those whose integrity doesn’t match her own. We discuss her innovative Sharina hat with its cult following, made famous when actor Mahershala Ali wore it the night he nabbed his Oscar win in 2019. We talk about how she chooses materials to work with, the subversive details she’s known for, and how design inspiration comes to her. We discuss the drive and mission she has for Closely Crafted, the foundation she created to transform, uplift and sustain the craft industries within fashion, and Closely Crafted’s ultimate goal of growth. Gigi shares the behind the scenes details for many of her collaborations, from Oscar de la Renta to Disney. We talk the power of styling, the important place hats hold in history and as symbols, and the famous faces like Lady Gaga who have worn her designs. We discuss her work in bridal, hat trends, and the one important thing that’s required when it comes to sporting a hat. We discuss her Florida roots, her plans for the future, the hat she wore to her wedding, and how her deep love of artisanship fills her cup as a human being, artist, retailer, and in her day-to-day life. Listen to how cutting edge talent meets humility meets purpose, in this conversation with genius Gigi Burris.

“Discovering the things that are so joyful about heritage really sparked something in me. I knew I wanted to do something with integrity, I knew I wanted to revive and to keep something alive." -Gigi


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