April 2020

Joanna Vargas | Episode 30

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Building A Cult Brand With Passion, Integrity, And A Meticulous Eye. Celebrity facialist, skin expert and founder Of Joanna Vargas Salons and skincare, Joanna Vargas, was an early champion of plant-based beauty. With a degree in photography, an elevated aesthetic, a passion for science, and a longstanding interest in wellness, Joanna’s skincare line uniquely combines a clean and a luxury approach: making it a true standout in a crowded market. She has a cult following amongst celebrities, editors, and those with great taste who understand that good skin starts on the inside. This year, she released her first book. Glow From Within is a beauty bible that outlines all aspects of skin, from the topical approach to how what you eat and how you sleep each play a part. We talked to Joanna about her creativity in her work, writing her first book, building her brand, the keys to success, how exactly her top products and techniques work and why celebrities love them, the rise in the popularity of masks, and her list of favorites like her go-to lunch and SPF.

"When you're the face of a brand, you have to overcome your insecurity in order to do what you need to do to get things done. I never thought I'd be capable of leading a team or giving a speech to thousands of people and I've done all that because you have to rise to the occasion." - Joanna Vargas

"I've grown up with the growth of my company and you rally when you're passionate about something." - Joanna Vargas 


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