May 2020

Kimberly McDonald | Episode 31

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The Art Of Jewelry. Kimberly McDonald changed a part of the fine jewelry business forever. When she first began the second iteration of her career, she launched with a distinctly signature look: no one was working with geodes in the way that she was. Prior to Kimberly McDonald's entry into the luxury and fine jewelry markets, geodes and raw crystals had been treated casually and simply, often paired with materials like leather cord. Kimberly changed the game. Her pieces are made by hand in 18 carat gold and she uses the highest level quality precious and semi-precious stones, often in overscale sizes, in irregularly shaped and sized bezels---the hallmark of her style. The Kimberly McDonald collection of fine jewelry is carried by the world's top retailers, including Bergdorf Goodman. We talked to Kimberly about how she culls inspiration, the designer-retailer relationship, her foray into the home décor space, her top 3 favorite stones to work with, her collections’ biggest moments from being featured in Sex And The City to the piece Michelle Obama wore, which now resides at the Smithsonian paired with her inaugural gown. Embodying the very definitions of fashionista and beauty junkie, we get the scoop on things like Kimberly's favorite makeup products and her favorite era in style.

"Because each stone that i work with is one of a kind, it lends itself to organically being a creative process. When they're all different, you can't set out to try to put them in the same space." - Kimberly McDonald


Quartz   diamond ring
Kimberly McDonald $4800.00 DETAILS
Ilia $46.00 DETAILS