January 2020

Luna Blaise Episode 21

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Born To Do It. We talked to 18 year old actor and singer Luna Blaise to find out what it’s like being on not one, but two hit tv shows. We met with her in LA, just before her show was picked up for a second season. NBC’s breakout hit, of course, was, and Blaise currently continues to star as Olive Stone on the instantly popular show with a huge fan base. With one million followers on Instagram, Luna tells us how she stays grounded, the importance of staying tight with her childhood friends, what it’s really like being a teenager growing up in the spotlight, how her family inspires her creativity, and finding her own style. The self-proclaimed shy girl who was born a performer gives advice to young actors, shares how she broke into the business, and explains how and why she is an “observer”. We talk about her music and songwriting, and how she uses Tumblr in her work. Luna shares her involvement with GLAAD, her connection to the LGBQT community, and playing a young lesbian on Fresh Off The Boat.

“Don't take anything to heart. If you get shut down, if you don't get your audition…don't take it personally. Your time will come. You just have to be motivated. And you have to really, really, love what you do.” - Luna Blaise