April 2021

Michael Bruno | Episode 71

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Internet + Real Estate Entrepreneur + Founder Of 1stDibs Michael Bruno

Michael Bruno is an internet and real estate entrepreneur. The time he spent swimming in his youth became the breeding ground for his big ideas. He is the founder of 1stDibs, the world’s premier online marketplace for extraordinary furniture, lighting décor, art, and more. Simply put, Michael is a thought leader who helped to shape the online retail experience as we know it. After arriving in Paris, guided by his favorite business tome and with a mission to switch things up in his career, in 2001 1stDibs was launched. Bruno was able to capture the magic of the Paris flea markets… online, and then he continued to set the standard for those seeking the most beautiful things in twenty-two countries around the world. In the summer of 2019, he opened the stunningly curated Valley Rock Inn in upstate New York. Michael’s a passionate collector of historic homes and a he’s a steward of land preservation. TastemakersGuide, Bruno’s latest website venture, features a selection of over 300 small businesses in the design, art, hospitality, and natural worlds within various travel destinations. And what’s more? It prioritizes supporting small businesses. On this podcast, listen in for so many words of wisdom and entrepreneurial advice from Michael Bruno. We discuss his time in Paris, the first days of 1St Dibs---and what he’s most proud of. We talk about when to stick with a project and when to move on, and the traits that have contributed to his eye, instincts, and professional success. Michael muses about being true to his core interests over the years, and what inspires him. We talk preservation, his love of “stuff”, and having the big ideas. 

“Was that a big idea? Maybe in some ways, all ideas are the same size, big or small. If you can turn an idea into a thing. Then you've accomplished something.” - Michael Bruno


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Paravel $375.00 DETAILS
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Reeves Wiedeman $26.07 DETAILS
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Charles Duhigg $10.95 DETAILS
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Napoleon Hill $18.23 DETAILS