August 2022

Michelle Murphy | Episode 113

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Michelle Murphy has dedicated her life to helping others accept a reality beyond that which they can see and feel. Our Story + Rain Talks episode 113 sit-down with the medium sheds light on the afterlife, and how this particular intuitive uses her gift. We discuss the many ways in which energy workers practice, how they recognize and support one another, and more. Michelle talks about seeing what she jokingly calls 'the useless future,' about her routines and rituals, and how she experiences and lives with the energies of others, making her 'heart beat faster than others around her' through things like exercise and nutrition to stay clear and present. We get into the big topics like life’s patterns, humanity’s deepest desires, and a post-pandemic shift in client needs, from clients who once wanted to address the loss of their loved ones, to clients who now need to look at the loss of themselves. Michelle discusses her creative (and fashion) flair, her love affair with language, and the gift and tool of metaphor in her sessions. With great intimacy, she shares what’s most fulfilling and what’s most difficult in her work, and she speaks very candidly about her compassion work: her work with the sick who are close to crossing over. We go over the characteristics of those who get the most out of sessions, and of those who do not. We talk about being a teen when she first recognized her gift and how her family has played a part in her life’s path. We talk about the times she’s come across naysayers, and how she would like to see both people and her work evolve. If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the mind of a psychic medium or have been tempted to talk to one….your opportunity is now. Notice the calm and gentle energy of this beautiful discussion with the witty and the wonderful - Michelle Murphy.

"The true currency of the next life is the discrete, quiet kindness we practice here." - Michelle Murphy

"When we feel guilty about feeling good and are grieving a person, we lower our vibration. Often the reason we will have a good day is because our loved one is trying to make us forget that they're dead. Forgetting that a person is not forgetting them." - Michelle Murphy


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