July 2019

Mona May | Episode 5

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Iconic Hollywood Costume Designer Mona May

Screen-ious. We talked to award winning Costume Designer Mona May at her eclectic and inviting home and studio in Silver Lake, CA. May’s breakout looks from the movie Clueless changed how women and girls dressed both in the 1990's and today. Many of the world's most important fashion designers have drawn inspiration from May's work in the film. She also designed the costumes for era-defining films such as Never Been Kissed, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, The House Bunny, and The Wedding Singer, Enchanted, and more. This is an intimate look into what's behind fashion in film and the magic of costume design. Mona discusses her craft, the many hats she has to wear on each production, and she dishes about how being a costume designer is not unlike being a therapist. We talk about how she defines style, and learn valuable tips from a master about how to dress for your body type. She shares the lessons she's learned along the way during her illustrious career: lessons about believing in yourself, learning to trust your instincts, and where to find inspiration. From shooting in Bulgaria in the middle of winter and Mumbai in the summer, Mona takes us on an insider's journey into her very colorful world.

“How do I get creative? I think you have to be quiet, and still your mind. You have to get rid of any external ideas that you should be doing a something a certain way.” - Mona May

"Cher was prissy. Everything had to be perfect. So the shoes matched her dresses. It was very girly, very feminine. Alicia was much more poised and clean. There were beautiful jewel tones, cap sleeves, empire waist. It was just very beautifully put together." - Mona May