July 2022

Norma Kamali | Episode 110

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Founder of Norma Kamali + Author of I Am Invincible Norma Kamali

Our goal is to bring you the stories of artists who inspire. Episode 110 featuring pioneering fashion icon Norma Kamali is perhaps the pinnacle of this, and literally chock full of advice. The designer and innovator-in so many categories-shares an intimate account of her story, from the very beginning, including the moment when she brought the miniskirt to the masses, here. From her clothing of course, including her famous sleeping bag coat (and the story behind it), to her supremely pure skincare collection, her olive oil, her furniture collection, her I Am Invincible book, and more; we dissect it all. Norma tells the story about how she came to invent athleisure, she really did, and talks about her beloved and bestselling Diana dress, a wedding attire favorite, with three iterations since its debut, that Norma, herself, has recently re-fallen in love with. We discuss the specific story behind her journey to wellness circa 9/11, and how she was an early adopter and innovator in that space. During this conversation, you’ll be in the front row at an intimate discussion with the groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind designer who will leave a truly huge legacy in fashion and in design. Get inspired as you hear her explain her point of view on being who you are, naturally. Hear her share her point of view and the details of her lifestyle when it comes to self-care and aging, a point of view she feels is important to impart on the younger generation. On that topic, Norma talks about what she shares with and why she’s inspired by Gen Z. Norma explains why she’s also inspired by technology, talks becoming and then shedding being a “possession freak,” and how she learned to make space for new ideas. We are beyond thrilled and honored to add to Story + Rain Talks this incredible and important firsthand story from a game-changing artist who, for decades to come, will have an enormous influence on design and on future artists of all kinds. What else can be said except that after listening, we assure you, you’ll want to take a page from her book and from her I-Am-Invincible attitude.

"Coming up with something that hasn't happened before excites me beyond imagination. To come up with a new way to do something, a new idea, a new concept---is an absolute thrill. I find myself fascinated by people who come up with things that haven't been done before. They are brave, because when you do things first, people tend to get pissed off for some reason." - Norma Kamali

"I started in business when I was so young. There were a lot of very lonely, tear-filled nights when I would worry. How do I do this? How do I make this happen? But my desire for a creative life was so much a part of how I wanted my life to be, that I really fought to keep it." - Norma Kamali


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