May 2020

Pamela Love | Episode 38

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Creative Flow And Meaningful Designs. Almost 15 years ago, Pamela Love began making jewelry in her Brooklyn apartment. The one-time film student was once a stylist, a vintage clothing curator, and famously assisted the prolific painter Francesco Clemente. Deeply inspired by her time with him and by their friendship, it’s a little-known fact that to this day, she still mixes his paints for his commissioned portraits. Learning color from Clemente contributed to her restrained yet robust sense of and taste in color, which is evident in her aesthetic and designs. In a market filled with jewelry brands, Love has always been known for unique, distinct design and her intelligent and elevated point of view. Always with her hand firmly on the pulse of style, Pamela Love puts out pieces steeped in symbolism that mean more for the wearer. And she’s collaborated with the best brands…from Opening Ceremony to Nine West, and many more. On this podcast, we talk about her exciting new piercing collection, the store she opened in Paris, her tarot and meditation practices, mall culture and her creativity as a kid in Florida, the business versus creative side of her brand, how she’s fallen in love with clay and ceramics, her book, her sources of inspiration, and the importance of settling into her day to make room for creativity to flow. We delve into the elements of her great taste, getting specific about skincare and many of her favorite things.

"Whatever I could create with, I wanted to create. And I loved jewelry, and I loved making things to adorn myself with. So from very early on, that was a big interest for me." - Pamela Love

"I really want to get involved in film in some way. As far as my jewelry career goes, I'm very happy with the trajectory, and we're working on some new, exciting things this year. But I think for me, I want to keep creating in as many different ways as possible." - Pamela Love


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