August 2019

Currently Carrying | Chase Cohl

Honey For A Sweet Skin Upgrade, DIY Lip Stain, An All Purpose Oil

Chase Cohl is the definition of someone with "impeccable taste". From music, writing, and home furnishings to fashion, makeup and skincare, Chase's got the keenest curations. A modern day renaissance woman, Cohl epitomizes and lives her life in the Story + Rain spirit, with the notion that "there's magic in the mix". Whether creating music or designing hats and writing poetry, Chase immerses herself in a beautiful world of mixed interests. When we spent time with her earlier this year, she shared that she was excited to change things up by recording new music with a whole new sound, in a new genre. As we sat chatting in a sun-filled room off of her kitchen, all the tones and colors of her home's decor sang in offbeat harmony. Even her quickly thrown together lunch was thoughtfully assembled and no doubt, delicious. Just as we were launching this series, we knew she would be the first we'd talk to about what she's currently carrying.
-Tamara Rappa

Chase Cohl

My best friend Blake got me hooked on Mrs. Potter's Facial Oil. I split my time between east and west coasts, which can be tricky for a beauty regimen as the climates / tap water / air quality are drastically different when it comes to hair and skin. Mrs. Potter's oil is inexpensive, homemade, and all natural. It gives a beautiful glow and hydration. On the east coast, where there’s more humidity, I’ll mix 2-3 drops in with my skin cream, as my skin tends to stay a bit more hydrated there. California is so bloody dry, there are months when I find myself mixing 10 drops of it in with my cream. I noticed a change within a week of starting to use this product a few years ago. It’s a great staple. Because I like to stretch my skincare products to keep my cosmetic bag compact, oils are also great in place of salves for elbows, cuticles, sunburnt noses, peeling chapped skin...the list goes on.  I bought Sun Bum in Sand Bar in a tiny island beach shop ages ago and became addicted. It gives the perfect pink flush to lips for summertime when my skin is a little sun kissed, and when my makeup routine lowers to an all time minimum. Plus it tastes kind of waxy and coconut-y and delicious like any SPF product should. Farmacy's Skin Dew Spray is my actual hero product of all products. Sadly, Dew Spray was just discontinued (why!!!!!!), so I’ve been hoarding as much as I can get. (If you’re reading this, think about going to hunt it down. Sorry to be a tease, and if you buy one of the last remaining bottles, I will cut you). But I’m completely obsessed with their entire skincare line, particularly because I’m a nut about keeping my products as natural as humanly possible. Everything they create is made from honey and has changed my skin. Their honey salve is phenomenal, and I tend to have it on me often. A little bit goes a looong way with Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer. One little tub lasts me a full year, sometimes more. I am not a foundation person, as I find it tends to mask the natural texture of the skin, clog pores, and make skin worse in the end. Plus it hides the freckles and beauty spots I have all over, which took me years to learn to love. I use tiny bits of this stuff to cover discolored spots. It gives tons of coverage but never feels super heavy or unnatural. Diorshow Mascara in brown: I love this product. It keeps things really natural looking whilst still making your eyes pop. I also will smear a tiny bit on my brows if I feel like they need a little floofing and I haven’t had time to go home.  I mix Bobbi Brown 's Crushed Lip Color in Ruby with whatever all-in-one balm I have at the bottom of my bag (there are usually many), to create a lip stain. It looks effortless and just-kissed in that very French way, and can be layered darker later in the day for a beautiful, soft, romantic rouge that isn’t offensively bright. I always keep a number of various balms around, everything from Vaseline to Papaw to Chanel glow stick, as I like to feel very dewy. I use them on my eyelids for a pick-me-up, mixed with lipstick for a stain, as a highlighter on cheekbones, for dry cuticles, elbows---you name it.

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Mrs. Potter's $22.00 DETAILS
Sun bum tinted lip balm spf 15
Sun Bum $5.99 DETAILS
Farmacy honey savior all in one skin repair salve
Farmacy $34.00 DETAILS
Kevyn aucoin the sensual skin enhancer concealer
Kevyn Aucoin $48.00 DETAILS
Diorshow mascara
Dior $29.50 DETAILS
Bobbi brown crushed lip color in ruby
Bobbi Brown $29.00 DETAILS