March 2023

Brianne Howey | Episode 126

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Brianne Howey, Actor + Star Of Netflix's Ginny + Georgia

Netflix's Ginny + Georgia has been viewed a total of over 504 million hours, and at the crux of all that success, is actress Brianne Howey, who delivers a one-of-kind, head-turning performance as Georgia Miller, the sweet cherry on top of this two-season-to-date series that is defying demographics. Since appearing in Fox's The Passage, Hulu's Dollface, The CW’s Batwoman, Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here, Horrible Bosses, and more, Howey was meant for the role of Georgia: single mother with a deeply dark past, abundance of personality, endless energy, slew of survival skills, back pocket wit, gorgeous smile and spot-on Southern drawl that has people believing it's her own. (It's not). On episode 126 we go behind the scenes with Brianne to talk about ALL the Ginny + Georgia things. We discuss Georgia's "performative" personality and powerful voice, what makes her character one that's filled with the kind of contrasting traits that makes fans of all kinds fall in love with her, and those "sticky subjects" and "social and cultural blinders" her character is known for. We talk her beloved relationship with her co-star Antonia. Then there are the details of the show's idyllic town, inclusive cast of characters, and serious subject matter--- all served alongside a serious dose of humor---that Brianne gives backstory to. She shares how cast, crew, and creators feel and first felt while making Ginny + Georgia, how it's touched lives, and the two important entities the show relies upon in order to tell their stories responsibly. We get into Ginny + Georgia's secret sauce, how Brianne transitions in and out of her sometimes "exhausting" character, how she landed the part just as her husband was about to propose, and working on a show she pridefully deems "art and argument". We head back to childhood and early years, when she favored the stage while her siblings favored sports, her time as an acting student in New York City, how television inspires her, how reading grounds her, and we of course get into a list of some of her most favorite things.

"It’s the biggest privilege of one’s life. I’ve never gotten to work on anything that is art and argument in this way." -Brianne Howey

"It's so tough in this industry. I feel like the higher up on the ladder I work my way up, all I can see is the top of the next mountain." -Brianne Howey


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