May 2020

Rebecca Minkoff | Episode 36

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Designer + Female Founder Collective Founder Rebecca Minkoff

Building It Like A Boss. Designer Rebecca Minkoff and Story + Rain founder and Editor-in-Chief, Tamara Rappa, go way back. Tamara knew Rebecca before she made her first handbag and before she met her husband. So she was excited to have a structured, sit-down conversation with Rebecca, who has built her brand in a big way and created the gravely important, Female Founder Collective. In this episode, they go on an intimate journey in her brand’s timeline and trajectory. They talk about who she’s inspired by and who has made an impact on her life. From her vision, to how she gets her best ideas, to what scares her, and so much in between; including her career highs and career lows, and a favorite subject: managing and sourcing a team. We get scoop on the book she’s writing, we discuss how the Rebecca Minkoff brand is weathering the current pandemic, and talk about her favorite fashion presentation to date. We go over her product rec's and favorite things.

"I think back then, as a new designer starting out, I don't want to say it was a luxury, but I really just designed only what I was inspired by and only the things that were in my imagination. That was just so fun to be able to have an idea, draw it up, make the pattern, sew it myself, and then get it out there. I think now my creativity, because I'm not sewing my own things anymore, or necessarily even drawing my own designs anymore, my creativity is in research." - Rebecca Minkoff

"People can be scared about their businesses, their careers, and I totally have those fears, but I think one thing I learned, and I think I realized this when I launched Female Founder Collective, or even going through what we're going through with corona and the economy, is your survival is 100% dependent on your ability to problem solve." - Rebecca Minkoff


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