August 2019

Stella Santana | Episode 8

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Song And Circumstance. We discussed the creative process with singer, songwriter, and music producer, Stella Santana. The daughter of legendary musician Carlos Santana, Stella has music in her bones, and a sound and style all her own. She possesses the valuable skill of being a "doer," something that will take her far in the entertainment business. We touch on the inspiring way in which she navigates her work as a creative, her process, and her vision. From her time spent studying to be a life coach to her memories of meditating as a family, we see how and what has shaped Stella and continues to shape her music, vision and style. Speaking of style: we (of course) got the scoop on this tastemaker's favorite books, favorite NYC restaurants, go-to skincare, and more.

"When I do write, I try to come around. First, I start off in a maybe less empowered place, and then I get to a more empowered place." - Stella Santana

"I've always been quite independent and autonomous. Especially being in a place like New York City. When I left California, and I came here, I felt immediately at home as soon as I got here. I feel like it's made me stronger, because there's so much stimulus happening at all times that you have to have a center. If you don't, you'll just get caught up." - Stella Santana

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