April 2024

Beth Kushnick | Episode 146

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Set Decorator Beth Kushnick

Meet the set decorator whose rooms you’ve fallen in love with for years. With over 35 years in the industry under her belt, Beth Kushnick diligently deals in the details with expert precision. Transforming blank slates into authentic spaces that can reveal an entire life in seconds, Kushnick did that + then some when she spent 7 seasons as decorator for CBS’s huge hit, The Good Wife. Her work generated so much viewer interest that she was able to collaborate to create the first home décor license in television history with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, and eventually created her own label, using her expertise to make the aspirational look she’s known for, attainable to customers. “Being fiscally responsible is maybe the biggest part of my creativity” Beth explains on Story + Rain Talks ep 146. Many a client have counted themselves lucky to have the out-of-the-box thinker + deadline-driven design vet work on their homes; and on the podcast we discuss the differences between building a set + furnishing for real life. We run through her robust resume, going behind the scenes on Howard Stern’s famous biopic, to how she created upper crust culture for Reversal Of Fortune starring Jeremy Irons + Glenn Close, and more. We talk Kushnick’s intimate connection to NYC and how its spaces + places have evolved, her greatest influences + mentors, being the best when it comes to budget, and the ardent advice she bestows upon the listeners of her podcast. We rake through recent work, from how Beth served up the supernatural for Patrick Wilson’s Insidious: The Red Door to how she applied authenticity to Yvette Lee Bowser’s Run The World, and when she worked on Katie Holmes’ Rare Objects. We go back to her start in theater, and on the iconic + original Little Shop Of Horrors. Then there’s the author she turns to when it comes to her craft, what’s world-class when it comes to wallpaper, and some for her favorite Amazon finds. Come along for this close look into the life of an artist who creates the vivid visuals we savor on screen. Our conversations continue as Story + Rain Talks to most talented most interesting, Beth Kushnick.

"When I’m doing a kitchen or a desk…I want each piece to be there for a reason. That’s the thing that thrills me the most. I like things to be ergonomically correct and rational. I want it to be real, because it will continue on in the performance." -Beth Kushnick

"When I’m designing someone’s home, I don’t want them to put all of their things away and live an austere life. I want them to have all of their things, but within reason." -Beth Kushnick



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