January 2024

Captain Sandy Yawn | Episode 141

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This week we're talking to the superyacht captain with 33 years of experience who became a public figure in a flash when she began starring in Bravo's beloved Below Deck, the series that's famously found fans far and wide. We sit down with Sandy Yawn to talk about how she is creative in her work, and how she's built a stellar career on the sea. We discuss her early story and what led her to sobriety, and how the before and after of getting sober has contributed to her success. Sandy shares so many stories---from the biggest moments in her career, to behind the scenes on the series and with her crew, and we discuss production, whom Sandy sees as the client, when she's filming. She shares what it's like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, and we ask her about her relationship with the vessel: the huge piece of intricate machinery that she is the boss of. Known for her nurturing, Sandy breaks down the hallmarks of an excellent leader, talks setting boundaries, resilience, her management style, and more. We talk bucket-list travel, and how she finds a sense of place in a life on the move. Sandy gets candid, 8 years in, about whether she was prepared for turning the cameras on and into her professional life, and the oversharing that the cameras beg for. This week's podcast gives you a look into Sandy's joy-filled heart, a peek into her plans for a new home, what her wedding will look like, and the boat she's eyeing for herself. We chat about why she wakes up each day filled with positive energy, but not before getting her to explain exactly how she does it: balancing being kind and generous and empathetic with commanding such respect. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain talks to Captain Sandy Yawn.

"I lead in the moment. I rise to 30,000 feet and look at the whole situation. There are always three sides to a story." -Captain Sandy Yawn

"When you show up for yourself and for people, the energy comes: resilience is born inside of you. People can find it. They have to have the willingness to want it." -Captain Sandy Yawn