November 2023

Colu Henry | Episode 139

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Colu Henry: Chef and Cookbook Author

This week has us sitting down with the food expert whose recipes are splashed all over NYT Cooking. You'll hear about her three most-made meals, and her popular pasta hashtag and its collection of dishes. You'll also hear about how she went from cabaret singer to bartender to publicist, to working on actor-turned-vintner Kyle MacLachlan's Pursued By Bear wines. We talk about exactly when it was that Colu Henry took her deep dive into the culinary world, and her extensive background in creating and editing recipes. We get into the look, the feel, the food of Colu's two cookbooks to date, and how her romantic and robust storytelling sets her apart from the rest. Listen in to hear all about spending quality time with friends, a favorite restaurant to add to your list, and an Instagram memes account to go to for laugh. Discover where Colu buys her crab, and how an air compressor became a terrific tool in the kitchen. We talk being cozy and cooking on vacation, and why doing so tests one's creativity. On the podcast Colu shares stories around her writer-roots, and the future she's got waiting for her in the 1800's Nova Scotia farmhouse she and her husband are restoring themselves. Colu shares what it's like working with a spouse, a surprise discovered deep amongst the pages of one of her years of notebooks, and her Italian grandmother's influence. Get a candid and firsthand account about what it's like to be a woman working in food, and the pressure that exists to be a "bon vivant", but to look a certain way. We discuss stepping into her voice, and the details around her beloved Substack that make it worth reading and why it feeds Colu's own soul. We talk meat as an accessory, how turkey is the chicken that keeps on giving, and the tastemaker shares what tops her list of favorite things from books to condiments. Of course, we break down the best and chicest ways to feed a crowd including the masterful menus she has and is putting together for her birthday and for the holidays. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain Talks to Colu Henry.

"People find food so interesting because it's something we can all relate to. Everyone has a story about a meal."

"For me, telling stories is the best part. It encourages the reader to create their own story around a dinner or a dish. That then has a ripple effect. I want people to make my recipes, but it's the storytelling that really speaks to me."


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