July 2023

Jay Shetty | Episode 132

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Take three deep breaths, and join our conversation with one of the most exciting creatives today, and it all starts with abundant appreciation. In an exclusive interview, we sit down with #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Podcast Host Of On Purpose, Chief Purpose Officer of Calm, and Story + Rain Cover Star, Jay Shetty. This is a favorite, must-listen Story + Rain Talks episode, not only because Jay shares the spot-on words of wisdom he’s known for, but because we take on topics you might not have heard Jay tackle. We get into his brilliance for branding, how his extensive study of public speaking serves him today…and the time in his life when it hadn’t yet served him. He lets us in on the intimate ritual he shares with his guests before each of his podcast recordings, and the four pillars of intentionality embedded within all the work that he does---pillars Jay created when he first started his work---hidden and not publicly known, but that he shares in this intimate conversation with us, here. Jay gets granular about the different aspects of his brand, and the importance in individualizing each of his projects in look and feel and tone, for all of his vast and dedicated audience. When it comes to those On Purpose podcast episodes that we all can’t get enough of, Jay allowed us to pick apart his process, and on the podcast you’ll learn how his candescent conversations take shape. Here’s a hint: you might be surprised to find out that it’s way less polish, so much presence…and all about the "50|50".  We chat with Jay about his lifestyle, and about how and why he learned to pay more attention to his health. We discuss his routines and practices, and the things that top his list of current obsessions in the health and wellness space. Story + Rain, of course, makes them shoppable here, and in our shop on Instagram. Then there’s the sage advice: the book he recommends highly, a message to content creators about substance over form, one of the things that allows him to achieve laser-like focus, and why building relationships slowly is the way to work it. We take a large look at how Jay Shetty took his talent for talk on his recent Love Rules tour, a show peppered with all his personal loves, and where worldwide audiences felt his meticulously-assembled and powerful demonstrations of the magic in growth. We dissect his definition of creativity. And because he’s delightfully curious to the depths, we had to ask Jay to take us through exactly what his research process looks like, and it all starts with something he’s struggling with. This, and so much more on this very special episode. And hopefully more to come, when we catch up with our favorite creator next. He’s a true treasure for how he has and continues to transcend and transform wisdom and wellbeing, and because he puts more beauty and love into our world. Our conversations with creatives continue, as
Story + Rain Talks to Jay Shetty.

"There's a lot to be said for having this complete focus, this laser-like attention, that is a big part of public speaking, and that continues to be useful for me."

"I believe that there are four important questions we as humans have to answer in order to live a fulfilling life. "



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