December 2023

Jennifer Meyer | Episode 140

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We talked to the designer who, eighteen years ago, established and nailed an aesthetic that’s since soared in popularity. Exploding onto the scene with her leaf design made popular by Jennifer Aniston’s character in the film The Break Up, Jennifer Meyer creates and has created countless collectible pieces that define the day-to-day when it comes to modern iconic fine jewelry. Jen tells the story behind the leaf, how exactly she nabbed a much-coveted spot at Barneys New York, and making a gift for Alber Elbaz. We discuss how her father helped instill her strong work ethic from the day she stepped foot off Syracuse’s campus, and how one $500 a week PR job turned into a major magazine stint, and roles at Armani and Ralph Lauren. Jen shares her brand’s most game-changing moments, why slow and steady wins the race, and how staying in one’s lane can create success. She shares how she blindly chased the design ideas she’d had in her heart and soul… and also shares her philosophies for living life and building a brand with heart and soul. We get into the symbolism that’s core to the Jennifer Meyer collection and to Jen personally--- and her necklace that truly makes magic. There’s the Jennifer Meyer secret sauce as she describes it; you’ll hear Jen share her vision for being one with one’s jewelry. Also on the podcast, we dive into the waters of Malibu to discuss her newly-released fragrance collection, where even scent tells a story. We get an intimate peek at her Vogue Fashion Fund times, and her relationship with mentor Diane Von Furstenberg. We also talk connecting with her multigenerational customer, and how the people she surrounds herself with inspire her. Jen gives great advice for entrepreneurs and shares life lessons, words to live by, and why success means being at peace. Jen’s got a fantastic obsixed list of favorite things, including the key pieces she turns to in her own collection. Our conversations with creatives continue, as
Story + Rain Talks to Jennifer Meyer.

"My jewelry is for the not-fussy woman who's also classy, and who likes a little bit of style and sparkle.."

"The leaf was my symbol for a new beginning. I've always believed that all of us, every day, are going through something new. You have to be willing to turn over a new leaf and create new beginnings in your life, and they don't have to be be big beginnings."


Jennifer Meyer'S EPISODE

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