March 2024

Jenny Mollen | Episode 144

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We’re excited about all the newness from one of our favorite writers and podcast hosts, (and reluctant actor), Jenny Mollen. She’s launching her new podcast, All The Fails, and added a new Substack, The Best Friend Experience. On this week’s episode we discuss everything we love about the one-of-a-kind Substack she shares with Diablo Cody, Can I Ask You A Personal Question? and get into all the details behind her can’t-put-it-down bestselling book, City Of Likes. We get Jenny’s take on the state of social media, and she gets specific about how it’s affected her own life. And it’s not surprising how funny she is when we ask her what it takes to find a following, and about the “vicious cycle” of her voice. We cut right into the openness and honesty at the core of her work, and its origin, and talk about the time when she was rallied to become a writer. Jenny shares what it takes to get the big ideas, the book she’s planning next, and when to share and be vulnerable, and when to zip it. We discuss her book, Dictator Lunches, how she became The Lunch Lady, and what it’s like cooking in the kitchen with her husband Jason (involves lots of 90’s tunes). Pardon the cliché, but Jenny’s a girl’s-girl, so we ask her what she looks for in a friend and she talks about the kind of women who inspire her. We chat about Chelsea Handler, Jenny’s dear friend and our May 2021 cover star, talk where to live, the best salad, seeking out seed oils, and dish about a designer’s dinner party. We’re gonna be honest, there was so much chatting, we had to cut things up and edit things out…talk about a best friend experience. Our conversations with creatives continue, as Story + Rain Talks to Jenny Mollen.

"I always tell people to never think of anything as failure. You have to fail to get mad enough to do the thing you're actually supposed to be doing. " -Jenny Mollen

"I love when I see a woman with fire and hunger. I identify and relate, and I grapple with it because my need to prove things and my obsession with work is also the thing that is trying to destroy me. I love to see how women do it. And I'm like, 'The fire in me sees the fire in you. We are going to be okay. We can handle this. '" -Jenny Mollen



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