April 2024

Paolo Nieddu | Episode 145

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Costume Designer + Stylist, Paolo Nieddu

This week we release our conversation with costume designer and stylist, Paolo Nieddu. Best known for the impact he made working on the hit series fabulously filled his colorful costumes---Lee Daniel’s Empire, we dish about details from the set: from key moments and how he dressed Taraji, to little-known secrets and the BTS nitty-gritty of how a stylist organizes and works with wardrobe. Paolo’s latest work can be seen on CBS’s smash The Equalizer starring Queen Latifah, the action series where the fashion is as fierce as its episode plot lines. On the podcast Paolo shares what he does to create the show’s eclectic style and exactly how he conceives of each character’s look----and we’ll be publishing that into a story you can shop on Then there’s an intimate deep-dive discussion about the magazine industry, being a fashion assistant and intern, and what it’s like to work at Interview. Paolo and our founder Tamara share the unique experience of having gotten their start at Andy Warhol’s iconic publication. Paolo traces back to his first days in New York and working at fellow Story + Rain Talks podcast guest Patricia Field’s legendary boutique, and how he first caught the style icon’s eye. He takes us on his career journey that begins with assisting Pat on a DKNY fashion show, to then working on a Sex And The City film, Confessions Of A Shopoholic, The Other Woman, and more. He talks working with Story + Rain cover star Andra Day on the award-winning Billie Holiday film, shares his take on what makes for a successful fashion assistant, how he researches and preps his projects, how he describes his signature aesthetic, being all about accessories, what he’s watching, collecting, and more. Our conversations with creatives continue as
Story + Rain Talks to Paolo Nieddu.

"At the core of my aesthetic is glamour. I love finished; I love polished; I love old school." -Paolo Nieddu

"I really did learn high-low from Pat [Field]. I learned about seeking vintage, and not just going to the store. I learned about the possibilities in manipulating things; by seeing a gown and turning it into a mini, or taking the sleeves off of something." -Paolo Nieddu



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