May 2022

Tanya Taylor | Episode 103

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Known for her use of mixed color and artful custom prints, designer Tanya Taylor’s namesake collection was one of the first high fashion labels to introduce size inclusivity back in 2017. On episode 103, the Canada native and Parsons grad recalls the influence of her parents on her sense of dress and on her inimitable skill for creating bold clothes that allow the wearer to effortlessly style themselves---- in the most individual of ways. Masterful use of color and international influences were some of the elements of each parent’s look, and it’s no wonder Tanya honed her own creative eye and sources of inspiration during her time at Central Saint Martins in London, a city she admires for its “eccentricity of culture”. On the podcast Tanya discusses working for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, how the fashion industry is one of the few places one can use both sides of the brain---both in business and in design---and her love of each. We also talk about her love of creative problem-solving, the line’s best-selling items and core silhouette, Tanya’s perspective on how her clothes can and should be accessorized, and her strong belief that what one wears can greatly affect mood. We break down how fans of her clothes like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift can interpret her pieces in totally different ways, how Aidy Bryant inspired her line’s expansion, and the story behind the first time Michelle Obama wore her clothes---and the fourteen or so times since. We discuss Tanya Taylor’s brand collabs, exciting latest categories, and her very first retail store. We talk her distinct vision for color and color palette, and everything from her ambitious achievement of a first fashion show at MoMa to what she’s learned most in 10 years of being founder and CEO. A Story + Rain favorite designer, Tanya shares much more, including her #Obsixed list of current lifestyle obsessions.

"I get excited by creative problem-solving. That can be in business, or it can be in an artistic, fashion sense. Fashion is one of the few places I can combine different sides of my brain." - Tanya Taylor

"Exciting to me, are the steps towards inclusivity and sustainability, even from a sourcing perspective. All of our fabric mills are really moving towards sustainable fabrics. It used to be a search, and now it's readily available." - Tanya Taylor


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