June 2019

Taylor Schilling + Sarah Jones | Episode 2

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Join us for the first in our series of Magic In The Mix episodes, where we bring together more than one guest for a unique conversation with many layers and POV’s. In this episode, Taylor Schilling, actor and star of cult favorite series, Orange is the New Black is joined by award winning playwright, poet, and performance artist Sarah Jones---who is a long time friend of Story + Rain's founder, Tamara---they attended the United Nations International School in NYC. Together, they go deep about what it means to be authentic, learning acceptance, the Times Up movement, and the four essential questions they both rely on. We learn how going to an international school informed Sarah's approach to creating characters, Taylor’s wishes for her character Piper, and the lessons the two women have shared with one another during the course of their friendship. Prepare to be inspired by thoughtful words of wisdom in this exclusive conversation.

"It was such a magical moment to get to know Piper and then bring her on a granular level into this different space. It’s progressively shifted, but there was some weird lightning in a bottle that first season where we were creating her memoir, embodying her soul—talk about magic in the mix." - Taylor Schilling

"Visibility is necessary to move forward. It can be happening under the rug and it doesn’t make it any less valuable, but until it’s visible, it does not have the same power. And the show really did make more elbow room, a little bit more space to move around. Every time your truth is denied, which is what has happened to a lot of women in our industry, it becomes harder and harder to trust yourself. I think it’s a real service to mirror people’s truths back to them." - Taylor Schilling