August 2021

Trish McEvoy | Episode 83

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Beauty founder, entrepreneur, and makeup artist Trish McEvoy has always been forward-thinking. And she absorbed that spirit early on, watching and being inspired by her grandmother’s perfume and restaurant businesses. She eats, sleeps, and breathes the transformative nature of beauty. In the mid 1970’s, she had the foresight to revolutionize makeup brushes; she saw an inviting gap in the market for this important tool which at that point, had been completely overlooked in the United States. Then, she revolutionized the makeup application process. With her patented Makeup Planner, Trish McEvoy single-handedly took the mystery out of how to apply a full face of natural makeup, delivering it in a shrewdly designed, compact case, forever unrivaled by decades of copycats. Today, the Trish McEvoy brand continues to meet its treasured customer where they are, evolving the brand accordingly and remaining go-to beauty for generations of families. On this podcast, Trish shares her years of wisdom, her gutsy road to success, her view of today’s beauty industry, her love of scent and her unique scent-sibility. She talks about which makeup artists and brands excite her, and the current clean beauty revolution. The latest iteration of her famous makeup planner is, once again, back, and we discuss more new launches. She shares her contagious zest for life, and what she calls “the beauty cascade”: the transformative power of beauty from the outside, in.

"When I decided to go into my own business, I had to decide how I was going to enter the beauty world, and give the beauty world what they didn't have a lot of. I had to look for that one magical product that would make a difference. And the difference that I saw, that was needed more than anything, were high-end, quality makeup brushes." - Trish McEvoy

“We took the mystery out of beauty, simplifying the beauty journey. Beauty is so powerful, but it can also be intimidating.” - Trish McEvoy


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