September 2020

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings | Episode 49

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Founder of Flowerbx Whitney Bromberg Hawkings

Flowers And Fashion. When asked about the connection between her former life in fashion and her current life as an entrepreneur in the flower industry, Whitney Bromberg Hawkings says she was always drawn to beauty. After spending many years behind the scenes at Gucci and at Tom Ford, Whitney did what many smart entrepreneurs-in-the-making do: she set out to solve a problem. Hitting wholesale flower markets each morning before work in her stilettos, Whitney sensed a gap in what were the current flower delivery offerings, and found a way to find what she needed. Her experience in fashion meant she was exposed to dramatically oversized, single-flower arrangements that were beautiful, and she wanted to bring that fashion designer aesthetic along with a convenient process for delivery to the masses. FlowerBx was born. On this podcast, we discuss the shift in Whitney’s career, the similarities and differences of her work then and now, how failure is an essential part of learning, working in a warehouse and working on glamorous events, being a global business, flower arranging tips, her most unusual requests, and more. And we end with a really great lightning round of her favorite things including an item from Flowerbx that is an absolute must-have for tabletop flower décor.

"Creating desire around an object is something that fashion people do very well. And I've been able to apply that to flowers. So whether it's how you present them, how you editorialize them, or how you tell the story, is very much a fashion gift that I think I've applied to flowers." - Whitney Bromberg Hawkings

"Giving and getting flowers is a truly emotional, almost transcendental experience." - Whitney Bromberg Hawkings


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