September 2021

Wouri Vice | Episode 86

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Wouri Vice

Celebrity Stylist Wouri Vice has twenty years of fashion experience, creating memorable looks for memorable performers and creators like Andra Day, H.E.R., Alicia Keys, and Kerry Washington. The Harlem native is a New Yorker through and through. He became interested in fashion early on, and has sharp memories of his own signature look over the decades: down to the exact way he likes his clothing to fit. Inspiration came from a vast array of sources from the songs he was listening to, to his very own grandmother. Wouri tells stories through clothes, and we saw that firsthand on location, poolside, at our Andra Day cover shoot earlier this year. His clients have a deep appreciation for the way he approaches their style and the projects that he works on. Wouri brings diversity in vision to the table, his creativity a perfectly seasoned soup of a little of this and a little of that, that produces one-of-a-kind outfits that have a magical quality to them. On this podcast we talk New York street style, an early job at Giorgio Armani, and being inspired by and learning from style legends like Patti Wilson and Misa Hylton. We talk his eye for star quality, first seen in school friend Alicia Keys, his longtime love of and nose for fragrance, and the interesting story behind why he launched his candle line, by Vice. We discuss creativity under pressure in a fast-moving industry. We ask him what he’d like to see both more and less of, in fashion, and about his relationship with social media. Wouri also shares his sage advice for people interested in becoming stylists, and the accessories, clothes, and trends that are exciting him right now. And there’s so much more. You'll hear about everything from how Wouri sees himself as a culmination of every relationship he’s had with his clients, to his excellent #Obsixed list of favorite things.

"I always start from the inside out. When I sit down with a client, I want to know who they are. I want to know where they see themselves presently, where they want to see themselves go. And we build on that. I'm not one to force an image." - Wouri Vice


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