January 2021

Dr. Barbara Sturm | Episode 62

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Basking In The Glow. Dr. Barbara Sturm became one of the most sought-after beauty doctors in the world. She created MC1 Cream, a skin cream that is bespoke, created individually by using her patient's blood. She is credited with pioneering the vampire facial. Her products have achieved cult status, as has her philosophy of healing the skin. Famous for her #SturmGlow facials, there’s now a seven-item Glow Kit that will get you there. Dr. Sturm launched her full skincare line in 2014, and while her skincare regimens are simple, her products are not. Her brand is based heavily on product innovation. The science of it all is what keeps her driven, and an anti-inflammatory approach to skin and health is behind it all. She grew up in Germany with a grandmother who was a pharmacist mixing creams for the family, she began her career in orthopedics, and today she has destination boutiques and spas in New York, Los Angeles, and Germany. Always deeply invested in learning, Dr. Sturm has an educational online series for teenagers as well as a digital masterclass. On this podcast we discuss her inspirations, her challenges, her quests, and desires. We get into the enemy that is inflammation. We talk about her relationship to nature, and her love of connection with people, patients, and her online community. We discuss her products, branding, being a visual person, and the greatest technical and emotional discoveries of her career. We get into it all with the mix master and the skin scientist. 

“The best thing you can do for your system and gut is to slow cook your vegetables. They’re easy to digest, and don’t create inflammation. Chew your food 40 times, eat slowly, and don't drink water with meals. The way you eat and process food is important. It matters--- what you put on your skin. It matters--- what you don’t put on your skin. The other thing, of course, is diet.” - Dr. Barbara Sturm


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